I Gotta Story To Tell — "The World Won’t Fully Appreciate Kanye Till He’s...

"The World Won’t Fully Appreciate Kanye Till He’s Gone…."

Amidst all the people calling Ye crazy and saying his rants are probably drug influenced theres a few of us that just think there’s more to it. The natural progression of his willingness to speak openly in the last decade has shocked us all. But sometimes you need someone to scream when the noise is coming from a group that strive to keep you mute. 

The media vs Kanye started that one day he decided to speak the truth for the whole world to see. "George Bush doesn’t care about black people." It’s at that very moment the media decided to sculpt his identity regardless of all the truth he spoke. The truth will get you killed. See, JFK, Martin, Malcolm.

Kanye never told us anything outside of what we already thought to ourselves. I don’t think there’s a proper time and place for when the truth should be said, for the mere idea that it should be all the time. Let me give you some examples…

  • 'Roses' - “If Magic Johnson got a cure for aids, and all the broke muhfuckas passed away. You mean to tell me if my grandmama was in the NBA she'd be ok?”
  • 'Spaceship' - “They take me to the back and pat me/ Asking me about some khakis/ But let some black people walk in/ I bet you they show off their token blackie.


You choose your place in history when you go for pavement cracking art and lifestyle. Whether you choose to be infamous with the large media or a tv sweetheart. He came in with the pink polo’s and backpacks. They praised him and let him sit at the awards. But to be honest the token quota role was plastered all over his back from the higher ups. 


If the people don’t speak up, the artist is left with years of work with no reward or message that’s been received. The various “Kanye Moments” are the closest speeches you will get to honest on any major media. We’re left with TV analyst and politicians that control the airwaves and they couldn’t play the role of a puppet any better. 


Black man, white partner, mixed child. Both media moguls. The controlled media can’t have this, if they can’t control this creation. The new world embraces interracial relationships as long as they can control your voice. Kanye West’ motivation naturally stems from his father who was a Black Panther. Stand up and fight over sitting down and dying runs in his blood. 

The appreciation for his “crazy” might be overlooked until the day he fades off into the sunset and we say to ourself "All these fucking artist are cookie cutter. Where’s the originality?" I sit back and marvel at the person that doesn’t have to wear a mask to be true to self. So many of us do. I think we’re witnessing this right now with the Yeezus album, Zane Lowe interview and the Pusha T listening session.

I appreciate the brothers willingness. I appreciate the outspoken opinion of someone who could choose to be dormant but doesn’t. This isn’t an abuse of power. This is what they were always afraid of. Someone intelligent enough in the spotlight to say “WE WANT MORE! WE WANT TRUTH AND MORE DOORS FOR ME AND MY PEOPLE TO WALK THRU!”

He’s not a rapper, he’s a creative human. The music keeps him relevant enough to have a lane to speak the way he does. Pay attention and embrace some honesty. Whether it’s brash, cocky or long winded. You get lied too, everyday and you still play along. At least give yourself some clarity with Kanye West before he’s a memory.