I Gotta Story To Tell

New Movie (Trailer):  ’Inherent Vices’ Star studded cast featuring Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin, Reese Witherspoon, Benicio Del Toro, Owen Wilson, Maya Rudolph, and more in select theaters December 12th and everywhere January 9th.

Favorite Movie Scenes: Pinky “Next Friday” 

'Aye, slow down..'

Favorite Movie Scenes: ‘Mo Better Blues’ 

Wesley Snipes goes into a explanation about how his lady counts his condoms…

Stalley x Rick Ross ‘Everything A dope Boy Ever Wanted’

Kiss The Game Goodbye: A Farewell To The Nightlife

We watched Jordan dominate then slowly wither away before finally retiring…. Derek Jeter’s last game is this Sunday in Fenway Park, this is probably Kevin Garnett’s last season, one day in the very near future Kobe and Tom Brady will retire also. It’s the evolution of the game. You can be on top and stay there for an elongated amount of time if you work hard and become somewhat of an outlier in the process.

But your day where you have to slow down and realize that it’s time to go home for the long stretch will dawn on you. Hanging the jersey up comes in many facets. It comes with denial and bitterness, because the craft you will always love wont always give back the same results. 

You used to be able to party Thursday through Sunday and bounce back Monday. Now you can’t even make it out Thursday night and you’re picking which weekend night to let it all hang out, like a game 7 scenario. Maybe your stamina for drinking picked up but your ability to roll with the punches of random nightlife club and bar hopping have slowed up. You lost your foot speed champ.

You’re a vet. You had some good runs and maybe even a few championship summers. But eventually you’ll have to Kiss The Game Goodbye. Listen, I whole heartedly understand and sympathize. You lost an edge. Your IQ is off the charts but your body doesn’t react the same way the mind does quite like it used too.

Killing it every time out was the norm and now you average a good go at it once a month if that. Hanging the jersey up on being a professional nightlife connoisseur is inevitable. If you did it to the best of your ability and your face has become an official coupon in the nightlife streets, consider yourself a hall of famer.

The comped admission and the buy 1 get 1 bottle free deals you capitalized on. The lines and dress codes you elevated above because your status was that of a golden egg. Bask in those memories. Tell your stories and tell it well, you deserve it.

You never let a hangover from the previous night stand in the way of performing the next and for that you deserve a lifetime achievement award. You manned up when your friend got in a relationship and didn’t wanna party anymore. And when that shit show of a relationship fell to pieces, you were right there meeting em out for drinks to restore the order. You’re a saint! The numerous tabs and wingman scenarios you finagled just to get the results only suitable for a true champion. 

Stand up and give yourself a pat on the back if nobody has yet. You’re a goddamn Captain and I salute you. You soldiered up more than any one can ask of you. It’s time to retire to bar/lounge. Let your IQ provide some smarts for someone else to try to follow in your footsteps. You’ve been a player/coach for some time now and it’s time to just be a coach. Maybe even an analyst. 

They’ll talk about you for years to come and if they wanna seek advice or a cosign they know where to find you. Your new venues don’t have lines or admission. You’ve earned a seat and ample space to saddle up and watch from afar, as the young bucks try to mimic the legendary stories you left echoing.