Draft Lite ‘Urban Series’ 


Draft Lite comes equipped with alloy cranks, a high flange fix/free flip-flop hub, and high-profile, double wall rims. The removable SE cable clips allow for a smooth & clean frame if you choose to remove the brakes and ride it as a fixed gear. Single speed or fixed. Online Here

Travelers Necessities

Nomad, the company responsible for the handy Chargekey cable, is back with its latest product, the NomadPlus portable battery. The NomadPlus boasts a unique design that integrates with the standard Apple charger for iPhones, allowing it to charge both your iPhone and its internal battery. Once your iPhone is charged, the NomadPlus automatically charges its own battery, which holds enough juice to fill 70 percent of the iPhone 5′s battery. Find out more and pre-order theNomadPlus at Nomad’s Online store (James Shorrock)

Cabin Portable Battery and Magnetic Charger for iPhone